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Wire Gauge Finder / Cable Gauge Indicator

Cable Gauge Indicator P/N 690 003 RT
  • Rennsteig has developed a simple Gauge Tool that will take the guess work out of cable selection
  • Just strip the cable, slide the copper strand core into the opening until it stops at the indicated size (SAE J 1128/J1560)
  • Quality crimping requires assurance of the cable copper core size
  • May be used in vehicle repair and in a quality manufacturing environment
Made in Germany by Rennsteig.

Crimping Machines

Crimping machines P/N For detailed information click on "Read more"


Instruction video

  • Maintenance-free crimping machine with 25 kN crimping force
  • Operating pressure 6 bar
  • Air requirement 0.75 l per working stroke
  • Compatible with almost all Rennsteig crimping dies
Made in Germany by Rennsteig.



Read more: Crimping Machines

Crimp System Tool (for all Rennsteig Crimping Dies)

Crimp System Tool (Empty Tool Frame) P/N R624 000 3


Instruction video

  • This crimp tool combines full features, high precision and top German build quality
  • Tool without dies and locator
  • Individual parts are sold separately to suit your specific needs

Made in Germany by Rennsteig.

Read more: Crimp System Tool (for all Rennsteig Crimping Dies)

Toggle press (Manual press) for crimping

Toggle Press for Crimping P/N R636 000 1


Instruction videoHow it works!

Instruction videoAdditional

  • For small-lot production
  • Parallel crimping
  • Designed to match all PEW12 series crimping dies, locators and wire stops
  • Operating height and working stroke same as with PEW12 crimping tool
  • Fine adjustment of crimping height by 0.01 mm with adjusting nut at the press ram
  • Forced locking system for reliable crimping (emergency release provided)
  • Crimping dies and accessories easily interchangeable
  • Convenient handling as no safety attachment in the way
  • Made in Germany by Rennsteig

Read more: Toggle press (Manual press) for crimping

Electronic Digital Caliper

Electronic Digital Caliper P/N R690 000 1
  • For exact measurement of crimp height and width
  • Specially shaped measuring surfaces provide high-precision results
  • Display accuracy 0.01 mm / 0.0005 inch
  • ISO applicable for all conventional measuring tasks
  • Large digital display, mm/inch convertible
    data link
  • Available in plastic box

Read more: Electronic Digital Caliper

Bench Mount for the Crimp System Tool

Tabletop Mount P/N R624 40098 3
  • Tabletop mount for the Crimp System Tool
  • Possibility to assemble the Hand Crimp Tool

Made in Germany by Rennsteig.

* Not usable for all applications. Detailed information upon request.

MultiCrimp® - with quick change system - from Crimp to Crimp in 5 seconds

MultiCrimp® with quick change for up to 5 different die sets P/N Please click here




Read the MultiCrimp® - Brochure online

This crimp tool is specially designed for 5 different application areas. The tool has a quick change system for up to 5 different Die Sets. The excellent handling, easy exchange of the crimping insert bits are facts in favour of these crimping pliers.

Made in Germany by Rennsteig.

In addition to our tools we offer ferrule assortment boxes as well.

Read more: MultiCrimp® - with quick change system - from Crimp to Crimp in 5 seconds

Hydraulic Crimp Tool HPZ80.1

Hydraulic Crimp Tool HPZ80 P/N R632 801 5

Hand-operated hydraulic compression tool for crimping cable lugs and connectors up to 400 mm2.

  • Extremely quick processing due to a two-stage hydraulic pump
  • Wide application range up to 400 mm2
  • 360° revolving head with quick opening and closing
  • Hinged head, therefore trouble-free working even at heavely accessible places
  • Integrated pressure relief valve, false pressings cause no damage at tool nor dies
  • Universal usage: dies for all versions of cable lugs are available


Comes in a portable plastic case.

Read more: Hydraulic Crimp Tool HPZ80.1

eForce® - Battery Powered Crimping Tool

Battery Powered Crimping Tool P/N R6370 0300 1 RT


Patend pending

Instruction video

MET E114084 - Complies with UL 60745-1 CSA C22.2 No. 60745-1

Read the eForce® brochure

  • World‘s first electromechanical driven tool
  • Speeds up the crimping process
  • More than 1000 different interchangeable die sets available
  • Intelligent crimping, process monitoring through LED-Display

  • Low maintenance, due to electromechanical drive mechanism
  • LED illuminated work area
  • Low noise, compared to hydraulic driven
  • Quick-stop function, increase safety and
    prevents over-crimping
  • Eliminates hand fatigue due to less handforce
  • Energy-saving function
  • Combines fast and ergonomic crimping in one tool

Made in Germany by Rennsteig

Read more: eForce® - Battery Powered Crimping Tool

Magnetic LED light

Magnetic LED light P/N R690 007
  • For illuminating dark working areas
  • Attachment to tool by means of strong magnets
  • Very compact dimensions
  • Approx. 24 hours of lighting, with 2 replaceable button cells (CR1220)
  • Snap-hook fastening
  • Impact-resistant plastic housing

Read more: Magnetic LED light

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