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Solar Tools

Rennsteig can help you make your solar installs much more efficient, by giving you the tools you need to do a fast and professional job. These precision cutting, stripping and crimping tools are specifically engineered for the wires and terminals specific to the solar industry. Our high-quality tools are designed for durability and efficiency, and give you consistently excellent results. Rennsteig tools meet the requirements of EVERY professional user.

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At Rennsteig, we stay on top of the market. Every time a new connector is released to the market, you can be sure we will engineer a new die set for the connector. What does this mean to you? It means you don’t have to invest in a whole new crimp tool. All you need is an additional die set to fit your existing crimp tool and you are ready to install the latest gear.


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    Interchangeable Die Sets and Locators for Crimp System ToolCrimping Die Set: Each type and size of terminals needs its own crimp. Just squeezing it isn't enough - you have to get exactly the right dimension crimp, if you want a good connection that gives good conductivity year after year, under all conditions.

    Locator: The Locator holds the terminal in the tool so that you don't need 3 hands to make a crimp. But it also does more. It positions the terminal so you always crimp it in the right place, for high-quality connection every time.

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