Crimp Die Set for Sumitomo HE Series 4.8mm (187) terminals

P/N 624 1671 3 012 RT

Complete box with 1 die set, 1 locator, 1 wire stop, spare parts and reference data sheet for crimping of Sumitomo HE Series 4.8mm (187) terminals, Cable Range AWG 22/20/14.

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Terminal technical info:

Terminal P/N Cable Version Surfaced treatment Gender
8100-1506 S Sn Tin-plated Male
8100-1507 S Sn Tin-plated Female
8100-0664 M Sn Tin-plated Male
8100-0606 M Sn Tin-plated Female
1500-0166 L Sn Tin-plated Male
8100-0782 L Sn Tin-plated Female

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